Qualitative Research Consultant


Workshops and Facilitation

I am an experienced facilitator and teacher, bringing together research evidence with skills as a storyteller to help people and organisations to reflect on their practice. I have developed a number of workshops for midwives, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to think through the emotional aspects of healthcare work and the role of resilience. These can be tailored to address any particular issues you would like to explore.

A really gifted, thoughtful and enthusiastic facilitator, bringing with her a love of storytelling, a huge amount of knowledge and understanding and a genuine interest in those she is working with.
— Dr Kerry Davies, Helen & Douglas House Hospice



Relationships in organisations

Using the Grimm story of The Brave Little Tailor, this workshop explores how relationships work within organisations. How do you work together? What role does everyone play? How can you better support each other? What can stories tell us about ourselves? 



Resilience in healthcare

What are the particular challenges of working in healthcare? How do we respond to these challenges and is it helpful? How can we support each other to deal with them better? This workshop gives healthcare professionals an opportunity to think about the role of resilience in their lives.


Emotion work in midwifery

A half-day workshop for midwives and student midwives exploring the emotional challenges of being a midwife. The workshop is jointly facilitated by Juliet Rayment and Kirsten Baker, RM and brings together social theory and midwifery practice using theatre. What makes a good midwife? What stops you being able to practice how you'd wish? How does that make you feel?